The Multifaceted Power of X-Rays: Detecting Various Health Issues

X-rays are a powerful tool in the medical field, providing critical information that can lead to accurate diagnoses. They're used to detect a wide range of health issues, from bone fractures to life-threatening diseases. Here's a closer look at the different health problems that can be identified through X-rays. 1. Bone Fractures and Abnormalities One of the most common uses of X-rays is to detect bone fractures. By producing images of the bones, X-rays can reveal cracks, breaks, and misalignments. [Read More]

Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy Can Help With Vertigo

Your inner ear controls your body's balance. If there are problems in your inner ear, you can spend a lot of time feeling dizzy, nauseated, lightheaded, or floaty. The part of your ear that handles these issues is called the vestibule, and when there are problems with the vestibular system, your body doesn't always know where your head is or if you are lying down, standing up, or balanced. That kind of dizziness and vertigo can make it hard for you to do anything because you feel like you will fall over or throw up every time you move. [Read More]

Medical Weight Loss For Better Health: What To Discuss With Your Doctor

Weight gain can affect people for a plethora of reasons. From poor diet to genetics, weight gain can cause a great deal of turmoil in how you feel and your ability to move around, and even take a toll on your relationships. Speaking to your healthcare provider about your medical weight loss options is a great way to take charge of this area of your life. Read on for a few examples of what you can expect your healthcare provider to mention when addressing your weight loss concerns. [Read More]

PT Exercises That Will Help Runners With Knee Pain

Do you struggle with knee pain from running? This is not uncommon. Runners often develop knee pain when they ramp up their mileage or intensity, or when they switch to a new pair of shoes that does not quite suit their form or stride. If the knee pain lasts more than a week or so, it is a good idea to see a physical therapist. They can prescribe some exercises that will not only stretch and strengthen the knee itself, but also the muscles around it. [Read More]