The Headaches You Have After You Eat May Be A Food Allergy

You've noticed that you often develop a headache shortly after you eat. This could be a sign of a food allergy. These allergies are easily tested for and, once you know, you can avoid those foods that cause you a problem. Here is how food allergy testing is done and what you can do once you discover that you're allergic to certain foods. Testing for an Allergy Your doctor has a couple of options for food allergy testing. [Read More]

Treating Eye Injuries And Protecting Your Vision

An accident involving your eyes can happen quickly. Even small injuries can impact your vision if not treated promptly. Here are a few of the common eye injuries and what you should do to prevent a loss of eyesight. 1. Small objects in the eye. Dust and dirt can easily get into your eyes. Your tears normally wash these foreign objects out of your eye. If the irritation doesn't go away after a few minutes, resist the urge to rub your eye. [Read More]

Vaginal And Labial Rejuvenation Options: How You Can Get Your Pre-Childbirth Vagina Back

As wonderful and amazing as childbirth is, it does quite a number on the female anatomy. The vagina, which doubles as the birth canal, is stretched beyond its limits, sometimes resulting in the need for an episiotomy to widen the birth canal so that the baby's head has more room to exit the womb and the vagina. Even if your OB/GYN does a good job stitching you back up "down there," [Read More]

Time For Your Baby's First Shots: 4 Tips To Help Your Baby Remain Calm And Comfortable

It's time for your baby's first set of immunizations at the doctor's office. If you're a first-time parent, you may have approached this day with at least a small amount of apprehension. That's normal. However, for your little one to be fully protected against childhood diseases, it's important that they receive all of their immunizations. While there will be some minor discomfort associated with the immunizations, there are some steps you can take to keep the discomfort to a bare minimum. [Read More]