How To Treat A Stuffy Nose

There are so many reasons your nose can get stuffy, it can be hard for you to pinpoint the exact cause. Allergies are a big cause of a stuffed up nose. Seasonal colds that go around and are quite contagious can be another common cause. A sinus infection can be another common culprit. No matter how you got yours, the main thing you'll be worried about is how to get rid of it. 

A nose you can't breathe through is frustrating. It can make it so that you have to breathe out of your mouth, it can cause your head to hurt when the pressure starts to affect you, and they can even affect the way you speak and how food tastes. You don't want to deal with a stuffed-up nose on Thanksgiving or other special occasions and holidays and miss out on all that tasty food. Here are some things you can try to rid yourself of the agony of a stuffy nose.

You can irrigate your nasal passages – You can use a bulb syringe or a Neti Pot and a saline solution to flush your nasal passages. You will put the saline into the bulb syringe of a Neti Pot and push the saline into one nostril while you have your head over the sink. You do not want to swallow during this process, or you may end up swallowing some of the saline. What you want to do is to push the saline and the mucus that's in your nose out of the passages and into your sink. In many cases, this will help you to clear your nasal passages.

You can use a saline spray – Another way saline can help is by breaking up the mucus that's blocking the passages. However, if you can't get any air through your nostrils at all, then you will have a hard time using the spray because you need to suck it in as you press on the bottle that will also push the saline in. You want to suck it in as far as you can, to really get it to go through the passages and not just sit at the beginning of your nostrils.

You can take a hot shower – Since taking a shower is something you do on a regular basis anyway, this is a great way to try to open up the passages. You want to take a hot shower, but not too hot that it's painful or harmful. What you want to accomplish is getting a good steam going in the shower. The steam is what will go in your nose and assist you with thinning that mucus out, so you can blow your nose and clear the passages to rid yourself of the stuffiness.

If nothing seems to help you, then you may want to be seen by a doctor. They can pinpoint the cause. Once the cause is treated, you will be able to once again breath through your nose. For more information, contact a company like Village Primary Care Providers LLC.