Six Tips For Making Your Infusion Appointment More Pleasant

No one would ever say that going to your infusion appointments would be enjoyable, but you can do a few things for yourself to make sure it's as enjoyable as can be while you are there. Here are six ideas to hopefully bring you some comfort and peace while you're receiving your treatment.


Download your favorite tunes to your iPod or smartphone. You can also subscribe to a music streaming service or just use a traditional portable CD player. Listening to your preferred music can have a very therapeutic effect and aid in relaxing you during an otherwise anxiety-inducing experience.


If you have to be there, you may as well make the best of your time while you are there. Your infusion appointments are the perfect opportunity to read that book you've always wanted to but never got around to it. Whether it's War and Peace, Crime and Punishment, or just your favorite detective story, reading allows the reader to temporarily escape to another world. It also makes the time go by quicker. This is also an excellent time to delve more into the spiritual realm. Many be are comforted by the Bible or other religious or spiritual reading materials.

Comfy Clothing

You are likely going to be there for a while, so you may as well be comfortable. Wear whatever you are most comfortable wearing. For many people, that's soft t-shirts, cotton sweatshirts and sweatpants, or a favorite wool cardigan. Clinics and hospitals tend to be chilly, and the infusion medications can also cause you to become chilled, so make sure you have a sweater or hat, your favorite furry socks, or a lap afghan.


Whether it's a simple book of crossword or sudoku puzzles, a board game, cribbage board, or playing cards, or downloading game applications on your smartphone, playing games is a good way to exercise your brain, pass the time, and keep your mind distracted from reality for a little while.

Crafts And Hobbies

An infusion therapy treatment appointment is a great time to partake in your favorite hobby. Maybe you like drawing or writing poetry. Many women knit or crochet. You can also do some scrapbooking or writing in a journal.

Tasty Treats

Staying hydrated is important, so don't be afraid to bring along your favorite brand of ginger ale or tea. You can also consider bringing along healthy snacks that will help ensure you don't become weakened or dehydrated. A watermelon fruit salad is a nice, easy on the tummy option. Hard lemon candies or another preferred flavor can also help combat the odd taste some people get as a result of the medication. Talk to the clinic, such as Idaho Arthritis Center, for more ideas.