How To Tell When It's Time To Arrange In-Home Care For Your Parents

If the roles have reversed between you and your parents, with you becoming the caregiver, it's time to think about their changing needs. It may be working out for you to be the primary caregiver, but there may come a time when it becomes necessary to hire in-home care services for your parents. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to know when that time arrives, especially when it comes to your parents. [Read More]

How To Treat A Stuffy Nose

There are so many reasons your nose can get stuffy, it can be hard for you to pinpoint the exact cause. Allergies are a big cause of a stuffed up nose. Seasonal colds that go around and are quite contagious can be another common cause. A sinus infection can be another common culprit. No matter how you got yours, the main thing you'll be worried about is how to get rid of it. [Read More]

Six Tips For Making Your Infusion Appointment More Pleasant

No one would ever say that going to your infusion appointments would be enjoyable, but you can do a few things for yourself to make sure it's as enjoyable as can be while you are there. Here are six ideas to hopefully bring you some comfort and peace while you're receiving your treatment. Music Download your favorite tunes to your iPod or smartphone. You can also subscribe to a music streaming service or just use a traditional portable CD player. [Read More]

4 Tips To Help You Maintain Your Comfort During Chemo

A cancer diagnosis can stop you in your tracks. If you're about to start chemo, you're probably trying to deal with hundreds of different thoughts and emotions. You might be worried about how the sessions will go. Your doctor will be able to answer any questions you might have. In most cases, the health clinic where you'll be having your chemo infusions will have a patient advocate who can help you through the process. [Read More]