Addressing Chronic Knee Pain With Stem Cell Therapy

Chronic knee pain can be an extremely difficult problem for individuals to manage as it can impact almost every aspect of life. Luckily, modern medicine has developed some effective treatments that can help individuals with effectively managing their chronic knee pain.

Myth: Stem Cell Therapy Will Provide Relief From Knee Pain Immediately

When a person is suffering from knee pain, finding immediate relief can be a top priority. Unfortunately, patients may assume that stem cell therapy will provide them with immediate pain relief. However, it can take some time before the patient will notice major improvements in their condition. This is due to the fact that stem cell therapy is designed to help accelerate and enhance a person's natural rejuvenating abilities. Therefore, patients can typically expect to have their condition gradually improve over the weeks following starting this treatment approach.

Myth: Surgery Is Required To Undergo Stem Cell Therapy For The Knee

A patient that is evaluating their treatment options for their knee may assume that stem cell therapy is a treatment option that will always require major surgery. However, this procedure is actually administered through a series of carefully placed injections. This can make it easier for a patient to have the exact location of their knee pain treated. While these injections will be less invasive than surgery, there may still be a recovery period following these treatment sessions. During this recovery period, some swelling and bruising of the knees can be expected. These effects should pass within several days. To account for this recovery time and to ensure the body has time to utilize the stem cells, there will be some time between treatment sessions.

Myth: Only Young People Can Benefit From Stem Cell Therapy For Their Knees

Older individuals can be particularly vulnerable to suffering from chronic knee pain. However, they may not be as diligent about pursuing stem cell therapy for their condition. This can often be due to assuming that this is a treatment that is primarily suitable for young adults. However, older individuals can also benefit from the benefits of stem cell therapy. In fact, these individuals may find the benefits particularly noticeable due to the body's natural healing ability degrading as a person ages. While it can be possible for some patients to have knee damage that is too extensive to be addressed with stem cell therapy, it is always worthwhile for individuals with this condition to at least undergo an initial evaluation and consultation.

Talk to your doctor to see if knee pain stem cell treatment is a good option for you.