3 Things You Should Do To Keep Your Unborn Child Safe

Finding out you are pregnant can be quite the surprise. Many women have unplanned pregnancies and are not fully prepared for the task ahead. By properly educating yourself, you can be aware of how you can protect your baby. The first thing you are responsible for is keeping that baby healthy by keeping yourself healthy. Here are some things you need to know to keep yourself healthy during your pregnancy.

1. Limit Caffeine and No Alcohol

Your diet will play a major role in the health of yourself and your baby. Although you might have enjoyed an alcoholic drink before you got pregnant and drank a good amount of caffeinated soda or coffee, you should give that up for the time that you are pregnant. The baby cannot tolerate large amounts of caffeine and should never be exposed to alcohol. There are many dangerous diseases and birth defects that are caused from the mother consuming alcohol. You could potentially give your child a life long illness or defect by simply drinking alcohol while pregnant. 

2. Exercise

When you discover you are pregnant you should start an exercise program that is right for your level of activity. For example, if before the pregnancy you ran marathons, you are most likely able to continue running throughout the pregnancy. However, if you rarely were active, you shouldn't start training for a marathon when you discover you are pregnant. Instead, you may just be able to walk for 30 minutes a day and do some mild exercises.  Your doctor can advise you on what the right level of activity is right for you.

Whatever you level of exercise, you need to be doing something throughout your pregnancy to ensure that you are healthy.

3. Visit The Doctor Regularly and Get The Tests and Labs Done

Throughout your pregnancy you will be advised to visit the doctor multiple times. Each of those times is important to your health and the health of your child. They will monitor your blood pressure, weight gain, the babies heart beat and much more. Each time you go you should do the labs and tests they require. By giving a urine sample often and doing all the blood work you will catch problems early on and protect yourself and the baby.

These are just a couple simple things you should do to ensure a healthy pregnancy. For more information, visit a health care provider like All Women's Clinic.