Vaginal And Labial Rejuvenation Options: How You Can Get Your Pre-Childbirth Vagina Back

As wonderful and amazing as childbirth is, it does quite a number on the female anatomy. The vagina, which doubles as the birth canal, is stretched beyond its limits, sometimes resulting in the need for an episiotomy to widen the birth canal so that the baby's head has more room to exit the womb and the vagina. Even if your OB/GYN does a good job stitching you back up "down there," you may find that your body does not fully bounce back after repeated vaginal births.

If you also find that you have less sensation during physically intimate moments with your partner, you may feel embarrassed, uninterested in sex, or that your partner is no longer interested either. To help with all of the above, there are a few surgical and non-surgical options for vaginal and labial rejuvenation.

Surgical Procedures: Vaginaplasty and Labiaplasty

If you choose the surgical option, you will want to see a cosmetic surgeon and ask about a vaginaplasty and a labiaplasty. During a vaginaplasty, the surgeon dilates your vagina so that he or she can create a pinched fold of skin that the surgeon sutures tightly. Then the surgeon may cut the pinched flap of vaginal tissue away, or leave it behind to create a more pleasurable rubbing sensation for male partners. Either way, your vagina just became narrower and tighter with some tight threads.

The labiaplasty may either be a reduction or enhancement of your labia. Since the labia often become longer, larger and looser after childbirth, your cosmetic surgeon can trim back the extra labial tissue to make smaller, thinner and tighter lips. If you would also like your labia to have a slight enhancement, a little fat taken from your own body may be injected into the labia to reshape it and give it a more firm and younger appearance.

Non-Surgical Procedures: ThermiVa/Radio Waves

For this non-surgical option, a doctor trained in the procedure uses a heated radio wave wand to send direct signals to the nerves in your labia and your vagina. Both the radiating heat and the radio frequencies used cause your labia and vagina to contract, engaging the pelvic floor muscles which have become loose after the births of a few children. The results are noticeable almost immediately, and with a few extra treatments, the results become permanent because the radio waves essentially retrain the nerves and pelvic floor muscles to revert back to their pre-childbirth status. There is no pain or stitches involved, but there may be some discomfort when the wand is inserted into your vagina. Contact a clinic like Caring For Women for more information.