6 Things You Can Do To Help Keep Cancer From Recurring

If you have ever had cancer, you are probably concerned about the possibility of a recurrence. Although there is no way to guarantee that cancer will never return, there are some things that you can do to help lessen your chances of coming out of remission. Here are a few things that you can do to help ensure that cancer does not return:

Avoid large amounts of simple carbohydrates.

When you eat simple carbohydrates without proteins or fats, your body produces large amounts of insulin. Insulin, which is the hormone that helps regulate blood sugar, is associated with cancer growth. Thus, it is important to avoid large spikes in your insulin levels throughout the day.

Instead of simple carbohydrates such as sweets, choose nutrient-dense foods, such as fruits and vegetables. In addition, consume lean proteins and healthy fats to provide your body with the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients required for it to remain in a homeostatic state.

Steer clear of processed foods.

Many processed foods contain chemicals, such as nitrates, that are not found in fresh food products. In addition, they may be high in refined sugar and trans fats. Also, some of the chemicals in processed foods may cause inflammation in your body. Inflammation is often a precursor of cancer.

Become active.

Even though you may not feel like exercising after recovering from cancer, physical activity can help build your strength. In addition, physical exercise can help you avoid conditions, such as insulin resistance and obesity, which are linked to higher rates of cancer.


To help prevent cancer from recurring, remove as many toxins as possible from your home environment. Consider getting rid of plastic containers that contain BPA, chemical-laden cleaning products, carpet and pesticides. Some of these products may seem to make your life easier. However, they also expose your body to known carcinogens.

Lower your stress levels.

Stress can cause the body to have a more difficult time battling cancer. To manage your stress, participate in relaxing activities, such as meditation, deep breathing, yoga and prayer.

Drink filtered tap water.

Filtering tap water removes some of the chemicals from the water that are associated with the development of cancer. In addition, large amounts of water can dilute toxins that may be in your bladder to help flush them away.

To learn more ways to lessen your chance of recurrent cancer, schedule an appointment with your oncologist at a clinic like Sturdy Memorial Hospital.